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раздел новостей: Конференции Statistical Genetics Short Course;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
16.09.2005 11:32  daniil naumoff           к началу страницы  комментарии: 0
Statistical Genetics Short Course, March 30 - 31, 2006 in San Francisco CA

Section on Statistical Genetics

The University of Alabama at Birmingham's Section on Statistical Genetics and Clinical Nutrition Research Center are very pleased to offer the Sixth Annual NIDDK-funded Short Course on Statistical Genetics for Obesity and Nutrition Researchers. This meeting will be held immediately prior to the 2006 Experimental Biology meeting in San Francisco on March 30 - 31. This course is designed to help investigators studying the genetics of human complex traits to better understand and use statistical genetics methods. It is aimed at established investigators, post-doctoral fellows, and advanced graduate students. The course is two full days in length, and offers a vigorous interactive educational program designed to enhance researcher abilities to implement and interpret the results of sophisticated statistical analysis in human genetic research. Women, members of underrepresented minority groups and individuals with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.
Topics to be included are:

Basic Statistical Methods for Genetic Analysis
Basic Genetic Concepts & Model-Based Linkage Analysis
Model-Free Linkage Analysis
Haplotype Methods & Fine Mapping
Case-Control Design and Genomic Control
Admixture Mapping
TDT Designs
Microarray Design & Processing, Inference, & Interpretation

Confirmed speakers include:
David B. Allison Ph.D. & Hemant K. Tiwari Ph.D., UAB; Robert Elston Ph.D., Case Western Reserve Univ; Javier Cabrera Ph.D., Rutgers Univ; Warren Ewens Ph.D, Univ of Pennsylvania; Varghese George Ph.D., Medical College of Georgia; Susan Hilsenbeck Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine; Carl Langefeld Ph.D., Wake Forest Univ; Kathryn Roeder Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon Univ; Guilherme J.M. Rosa Ph.D., Michigan State Univ; Bruce Walsh Ph.D., Univ of Arizona

Tuition is $100 and includes the cost of the text book (provided) as instruction. This cost does not include the cost of food, travel or lodging.

Some funds are available for travel scholarships. Preference for scholarships will be given to students and post-doctoral fellows.

Registration will be limited to 50, so please apply prior to Jan 31. Accepted applicants will be notified by Feb 10. To apply, click through to http://www.soph.uab.edu/ssg_content.asp?id=1458, fill out the registration form, and send it to rsarver@uab.edu.

Direct questions to:
Richard Sarver
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Department of Biostatistics
1665 University Blvd, RPHB 327
Birmingham, AL 35294-0022
Phone: (205) 975-9169
Email: rsarver@uab.edu

This course is funded by a grant from the National Institute of Diabetes & Kidney Diseases.

раздел новостей: Конференции Annual Clinical GEnEtics MEEting;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
07.09.2005 10:21  Baudelaire / daniil_naumoff           к началу страницы  комментарии: 0
Подробности здесь

American College of Medical Genetics, Manchester Grand Hyatt - San Diego, CA
March 23-26-2006

See www.acmg.net for program details

Organized by: American College of Medical Genetics
Invited Speakers: See www.acmg.net for list of speakers and sessions

Deadline for Abstracts: December 9, 2005

Registration: registration available online at www.acmg.net after October 14, 2005
E-mail: acmg@jrdaggett.com

раздел новостей: Конференции Society of Toxicology, March 5-9 2006 Сан-диего;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
01.09.2005 06:09  natusik / daniil_naumoff           к началу страницы  комментарии: 0

San Diego, California, is the host-city for the Society of Toxicology's 45th Annual Meeting. Scientific Sessions will be held at the San Diego Convention Center during the week of March 5–9, 2006.

The Society of Toxicology (SOT) Annual Meeting is the largest toxicology meeting and exhibition in the world, attracting approximately 6,000 scientists from industry, academia, and government. The program includes a plenary and other special lectures, symposia, workshops, roundtable discussions, and platform and poster presentations. The meeting also offers continuing education courses ranging from basic to advanced levels. In addition, the Society presents annual awards to recognize outstanding achievements in toxicology.

Срок подачи тезисов до 3 октября, возможность выиграть оплату поездки для студентов, аспирантов и даже простых посдоков до 9 октября

раздел новостей: Конференции 7th International Embl Phd Student Symposium;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
25.08.2005 19:02  Olegovitch / daniil_naumoff           к началу страницы  комментарии: 8
Registration is now open for the 7th International
EMBL PhD Student Symposium, Biology at Work, which
will be held in Heidelberg, Germany from 1-3 December


The focus of this symposium is to present and discuss
both major and current developments in the area of the
applied life sciences. As many PhD students only get the
opportunity to attend conferences closely related to
their own area of basic research, we hope to bring
together research students of diverse backgrounds
together with leading scientists, in order to promote
awareness and facilitate interaction between basic
and applied life sciences.

Designed to appeal to PhD students, this symposium is
supported by Marie Curie Actions, permitting us to
reimburse accommodation and travel expenses for up
to 125 participants. Further details about
the speakers, topics, and how to register can be
found at:


We would also appreciate if you would stick up a few
posters around your institute - Please find the poster
as a pdf file at:


If you don't have access to a colour printer, just let
us know, and we can post you some copies of the poster.

Looking forward to receiving your registration, and
seeing you in Heidelberg in December,

Best Wishes,

The "Biology at Work" Organising Committee

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раздел новостей: Конференции 2nd International Tumor Metabolism Summit;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
24.08.2005 13:06  daniil naumoff           к началу страницы  комментарии: 0
Dear Colleague:

On behalf of my co-organizers, Giovanni Melillo and Luigi Varesio, I am writing to invite you to attend the 2nd International Tumor Metabolism Summit in Genoa, Italy on October 7 -8, 2005.

TMS 2005 will feature some of the world's leading cancer research scientists including:

Giovanni Melillo, MD
Senior Investigator - National Cancer Institute at Frederick

Paolo M. Comoglio, MD, PhD
Full Professor of Histology, University of Turin School of Medicine and Scientific Director, Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment

Chi V. Dang, MD, PhD
Professor in Oncology Research; Vice Dean for Research - Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Amato J. Giaccia, PhD
Professor, Radiation Oncology; Director, Division of Cancer and Radiation Biology - Stanford University School of Medicine

Adrian L. Harris, MD, PhD
Professor - Cancer Research UK, Oxford Cancer Centre

Randall S. Johnson, PhD
Guest Professor - Karolinska Institute

Eric J. Stanbridge, PhD
Distinguished Professor - University of California Irvine

Luigi Varesio, PhD
Chief, Laboratory of Molecular Biology - Giannina Gaslini Institute, Genoa

This year's conference will focus on exciting new advances in the understanding of molecular, cellular and tissue responses to the tumor microenvironment.

Invited speakers will present their most recent findings in this field, which is increasingly being appreciated as a critical aspect of tumor biology. These presentations will include:

New insights into the molecular mechanisms controlling tumor cell metabolism
New advances in understanding the role of HIF-1 in responses to hypoxia
Selective markers for hypoxia and novel therapeutic approaches to treat cancer based on the tumor microenvironment.

Space will be limited to a small number of attendees - making this a unique chance to meet and interact personally with these leading experts.

In addition, we are inviting submission of research abstracts, which will be reviewed for platform and poster presentations at the event.

Please make sure to reserve your space soon. The deadline for registration and abstract submission is September 1.

Go to www.tmsabstracts.com for more information.

I hope you will join us for this very special event.


Gregg L. Semenza, MD, PhD
Director, Vascular Biology Program
Institute for Cell Engineering
Professor of Pediatrics, Medicine, Oncology, Radiation Oncology,
And McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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раздел новостей: Конференции First Meeting of the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
16.08.2005 12:48  Ig           к началу страницы  комментарии: 0
First Meeting of the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society
Download Program

Sponsored by: New York Academy of Sciences

This meeting is being held in collaboration with the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society.

OTS members are invited to register.

Organizing Committee
# Fritz Eckstein, Max-Planck Institute &nbspfor Experimental Medicine
# Alan M. Gewirtz, University of &nbspPennsylvania School of Medicine
# Gunther Hartmann, Ludwig- &nbspMaximilians-University of Munich
# Ryszard Kole, University of North &nbspCarolina, Chapel Hill
# Art Krieg, Coley Pharmaceutical Group, Inc.
# Bernard LeBleu, University of Montpellier
# Brett Monia, ISIS Pharmaceuticals
# John Rossi, Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope
# Georg Sczakiel, University of Lubeck
# Cy Stein, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
# Thomas Tuschl, The Rockefeller University

With the completion of the human genome project, and the sequencing of various model organisms, oligonucleotide-based gene-silencing techniques are emerging as important tools for functional genomics research. Additionally, nucleic acid�based therapeutics are currently being developed as treatments for a variety of diseases. The appeal of these technologies is their ability to target specific genes, in particular those involved in the pathophysiology and etiology of various diseases. This meeting will integrate basic science, drug discovery, and preclinical and clinical research so that those working in academic and industry settings can develop a mutual understanding of the various technologies offered and their applications in both scientific research and as therapeutic agents.

• NYAS members register on the right under the Members section.
• As a benefit of the OTS partnership with the Academy, we are offering OTS members the Academy member rate for this meeting. The registration fee includes a one-year membership to the Academy.
• Attendees who are neither Academy nor OTS members should register on the right under the Nonmember Pricing section.The registration fee includes a one-year membership to the Academy.
• Please register early.

The proceedings of this conference will be published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Call for Abstracts
The deadline for abstract submission has passed.

The deadline for fellowship requests has passed.

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раздел новостей: Конференции 18th Symposium of the Faobmb;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
26.07.2005 14:45  daniil naumoff           к началу страницы  комментарии: 0
Genomics and Proteomics in Health and Agriculture
November 20-23, 2005, Lahore, Pakistan

We feel great pleasure in inviting you to the 18th Symposium of the Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemists and Molecular Biologists (FAOBMB) to be held during November 20-23, 2005 at Lahore, Pakistan. With the rapid advances taking place in our knowledge of biological processes at molecular level and deciphering of the human genome we have entered an exciting and rapidly changing scenario regarding the application of this knowledge in the new millennium. These advances shall continue to have deep impact in the fields of health, agriculture, environment and industry. The Symposium with the theme, Genomics and Proteomics in Health and Agriculture shall provide an opportunity to discuss the progress made and exchange information in these important areas. The Symposium program includes plenary and invited lectures from some of the leading scientists of the world, symposia, colloquia, and poster sessions. Workshops on Biochemical Education in Medical Curricula and Proteomics and Diagnostics shall highlight the issues and current trends in these important areas. Also included in the Symposium program are exhibits of the local culture and handicrafts and of scientific equipment displaying some of the latest developments. Awards for the younger scientists shall be offered generously for their encouragement.

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раздел новостей: Конференции 10th Iubmb Conference & 36th Annual Meeting of Sbb;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
26.07.2005 14:41  daniil naumoff           к началу страницы  комментарии: 0
10th IUBMB Conference &
36th Annual Meeting of SBBq
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
21-25 May 2007

"Infectious Diseases: Biochemistry of the Parasites, Vectors and Hosts"


The International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB) has approved the proposal from the Brazilian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SBBq) to host the 10th IUBMB Conference in Brazil, at the city of Salvador, on 21-25 May/2007, as a joint event with the XXXVI Annual Meeting of SBBq. The conference will also be sponsored by the Panamerican Association for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (PABMB) and the main focus of the meeting will be the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, an adequate choice for the first IUBMB Conference in Latin America.

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раздел новостей: Конференции 32 FEbs Congress;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
26.07.2005 11:10  daniil naumoff           к началу страницы  комментарии: 4
32nd FEBS Congress
“Molecular Machines and their Dynamics in Fundamental Cellular Functions”
Vienna, Austria
7 - 12 Juli 2007
Congress Office
Department of Medical Biochemistry
Max F. Perutz Laboratories,
Campus Vienna Biocenter
Dr. Bohr-Gasse 9; A-1030 Vienna
e-mail: info@febs2007.org


Scientific Programme

The scientific programme will include more than 150 invited speakers, discussing state-of-the art research in most relevant areas of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with a special focus on emerging and interdisciplinary research areas.

The programme includes 5 main symposia with five major subareas each.

A: Nuclear World
RNAi & microRNAs
Transcription & RNA Processing
Nuclear Dynamics

B: Transport Machineries
Secretion & Sorting
Intracellular Trafficking
Organelle Biogenesis
Cell-to-Cell Transport
Membrane Transporters

C: Signaling
Stress Response
Host-Pathogen Interactions
Sensory Circuits
Apoptosis & Survival
Drug Targets

D: Metabolism & Energetics
Electron Transport
Molecular Clocks
Microbial Metabolism
Regulated Turnover
Metabolic Networks

E: Quantitative Biology
Systems Biology
Molecular Recognition
Theoretical Biology

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раздел новостей: Конференции Mathematical Modeling and Computational Physics;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
25.07.2005 11:27  daniil naumoff           к началу страницы  комментарии: 0
Mathematical Modeling and Computational Physics 2006
High Tatra Moutains, Slovakia, 28 August - 1 September 2006

Conference fee ?450,- accommodation with full board, proceedings, coffee breaks and social programme included. For students ?350,-

Preliminary topics
mathematical methods and tools for modeling complex physical and technical systems;
software and computer complexes for experimental data processing;
methods, algorithms, and software of computer algebra;
modeling in physical chemistry;
computational biology and biophysics;
new generation computing tools, distributed scientific computing.

раздел новостей: Конференции
20.07.2005 14:25  daniil naumoff    
сообщение из темы: Genetic of industrial microorganisms 2006       к началу страницы  комментарии:  »
The 10th International Congress on the Genetics of Industrial Microorganisms (GIM) will be held under the auspices of the President of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic prof. Vaclav Paces in Prague, Czech Republic, on June 24-28, 2006. On behalf of the Local Organising Committee and on behalf of GIM we would like to warmly invite you to this important scientific event. The occasion is a very special one for us, the organisers, since the first GIM symposium was held in Prague in 1970. We are glad to welcome you back.

Local Organising Committee


Vídeňská 1083
CZ-142 20 Prague 4
Tel.: +420-296-442-212
Fax: +420-296-442-201

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раздел новостей: Конференции 20th I U B M B and 11th F A O B M B Biocongresses;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
15.07.2005 14:54  daniil naumoff           к началу страницы  комментарии: 1
20th IUBMB International Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and 11th FAOBMB Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology "Life: Molecular Integration & Biological Diversity" June 18-23, 2006, Kyoto (JAPAN)


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раздел новостей: Конференции
11.07.2005 10:02  daniil naumoff    
сообщение из темы: Moscow Conference on Computational Molecular Biology       к началу страницы  комментарии:  »
Предварительная (9 июля 2005 г. 14:35) программа MCCMB'05: http://mccmb.belozersky.msu.ru/2005/Program.html

раздел новостей: Конференции
03.07.2005 22:36  Piter-    
сообщение из темы: 14th European Bioenergetics Conference (EbEc)       к началу страницы  комментарии:  »
user posted image

On behalf of the Russian Bioenergetics Group we would like to invite you to participate in the 14 th European Bioenergetics Conference (EBEC). This event will be held in Moscow , the capital city of Russia .

The scientific program will seek to address the main areas of interest and current research within the field of fundamental and applied bioenergetics extending the traditional topics to related areas of cell biology, including physiological, pathological and environmental aspects. It will provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas and information.

Moreover, “Perspectives of bioenergetics” will be discussed at a round table. “Colloquia suggested by participants” and poster sessions will be included in the program. Some time will be reserved for informal discussions.

You can find more information via the conference website: http://www.be2006.ru

Abstract submission deadline: 30 November 2005
Final registration for lower fare payment: 31 March 2006
Cancellation of registration: 3 1 May 2006
Opening of the conference: 22 July 2006
End of the conference: 27 July 2006

Second Announcement

The Conference will be held between 22-27 July 2006 at Moscow State University

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раздел новостей: Конференции Rnai Europe 2005;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
26.06.2005 20:27  Baudelaire / daniil_naumoff           к началу страницы  комментарии: 0
Development of RNAi Therapies, Advances in RNAi Delivery Technologies/Methods, Optimizing Efficacy in Mammalian Systems, Accuracy and Effect of the RNAi Mechanism, RNAi as a Clinical Candidate in Disease Models, Applications in Target Discovery
The location of RNAi Europe 2005 is the Hilton Amsterdam

Deadline: 15th August 2005 - Available poster space is limited!


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раздел новостей: Конференции Bgrs'2005 Summer School;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
29.06.2005 13:14  Guest / daniil_naumoff           к началу страницы  комментарии: 1
Международная школа молодых ученых
"Эволюция, системная биология и
суперкомпьютерные вычисления в биоинформатике",
Новосибирск, 11-16 сентября 2005 г.

Дорогие коллеги!

11-16 сентября 2005 г. в Академгородке
(Новосибирск, Россия) под эгидой конференции
"Биоинформатика регуляции и структуры генома"
пройдет международная школа-семинар "Эволюция,
Системная Биология и Высокопроизводительные
Вычисления в Биоинформатике". Конференцию
организует Институт цитологии и генетики
СО РАН при поддержке Российского Фонда
Фундаментальных Исследований.

Эта междисциплинарная школа-семинар посвящена
актуальным проблемам применения суперкомпьютерных
вычислений в области решения задач эволюционной
биологии. В программе школы лекции ведущих
российских и зарубежных специалистов по актуальным
проблемам применения параллельных вычислений в
биологии, в особенности при решении задач
построения филогении, анализа моделей эволюции
нуклеотидных и аминокислотных последовательностей, системной биологии.

Программа школы будет включать следующие разделы:
- Введение в суперкомпьютеры и параллельные вычисления
- Параллельные вычисления в биоинформатике
- Параллельные вычисления и алгоритмы построения
филогенетических деревьев
- Теоретические модели эволюции генетических макромолекул
- Компьютерная системная биология
- Применение теоретических моделей к анализу эволюции
генетических макромолекул

В рамках школы-семинара будут проведены практические занятия в компьютерном классе для овладения навыками решения задач

филогении и системной биологии с помощью современных компьютерных программ.
В рамках школы-семинара молодые ученые так же получат возможность представить для обсуждения результаты своей научной работы

(в виде стендовых и устных докладов). Рабочий язык – английский.
Официальный сайт школы-семинара: http://www.bionet.nsc.ru/meeting/bgrs_school/
Адрес электронной почты: bgrs_school@bionet.nsc.ru
Адрес оргкомитета школы:
634090, г. Новосибирск, пр. Лаврентьева, 10,
Институт Цитологии и Генетики СО РАН,
Оргкомитет школы-семинара BGRS'2005,
Афонникову Дмитрию Аркадьевичу
Тел.: (3832) 33-29-71
Факс.: (3832) 33-12-78

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раздел новостей: Конференции Probing the Molecular Basis of Protein Function th;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
22.06.2005 13:58  daniil naumoff           к началу страницы  комментарии: 0
ESF-EMBO Symposia on
Probing the Molecular Basis of Protein Function through Chemistry
Scope of Chemical Protein Synthesis

29 October - 3 November 2005 Hotel Eden Roc, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain.
Sant Feliu de Guixols is located on the Costa Brava, 120 km north of Barcelona and 30 km from Girona. The hotel is on a rocky peninsula overlooking the sea. Detailed information on location, access to the site, services provided and photos will be provided in due course.

A certain number of grants – covering the conference fee and possibly part of the travel expenses – will be available upon request. Grant requests should be indicated by ticking appropriate fields in the paragraph "Grant application" of the application form.

Deadline for application and for abstract submission: 1 July 2005.


раздел новостей: Конференции Genetic Analysis: Model Organisms to Human Biology;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
22.06.2005 13:41  daniil naumoff           к началу страницы  комментарии: 0
Genetic Analysis: Model Organisms to Human Biology
San Diego, California
January 5 - January 7, 2006

The goal of this meeting is to emphasize the value of model organisms in understanding biology. Genomic studies have firmly established that all organisms are built from the same set of genes, underscoring the importance of model organisms for understanding gene function. The meeting has been designed to highlight both human and model organism genetics in a complementary way.

Meeting Deadlines:
Abstract Submission: November 14, 2005
Meeting Registration: December 1, 2005
Housing Reservation: December 1, 2005


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раздел новостей: Конференции International Congress Yeast Genetics and Molbiol;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
22.06.2005 13:31  daniil naumoff           к началу страницы  комментарии: 0
XXII. International Conference on Yeast Genetics & Molecular Biology
August 7th - 12th, 2005, Bratislava, Slovak Republic


1. Evolutionary and comparative genomics
Convened by B. F. Lang (CAN), J. Piskur (Dk)

2. Biotechnology and ecology of yeasts
Convened by P. Raspor (Slo), A. Gacser (D/Hu)

3. Morphogenesis, cytoskeleton, and cell wall
Convened by J. Hasek (Cz), V. Cid (Sp)

4. New developments in methodologies, rational drug design
Convened by S. D. Kohlwein (A), I. Macreadie (Au)

5. Control of cell growth and proliferation
Convened by J. Gregán (A), G. Ammerer (A)

6. DNA replication, recombination and repair
Convened by M. Kupiec (Is), M. Chovanec (Sk)

7. Cell signaling and stress responses
Convened by S. Hohmann (S), C. DeVirgilio (CH)

8. What do conventional models not tell us?
Convened by K. Breunig (D), A. Maraz (Hu)

9. Protein biosynthesis, maturation, modification and degradation
Convened by E. Kutejová (Sk), M. D. Ter-Avanessyan (Ru)

10. Organelles biogenesis and inheritance
Convened by K. Tokatlidis (Gr), M. Yaffe (US)

11. Regulation of gene expression and chromatin remodelling
Convened by M. Werner (Fr), D. Gottschling (U.S.A.)

12. Addressing human diseases, aging and apoptosis with yeast
Convened by S. Kerscher (D) , P. Polcic (SK)

13. Vesicular transport, lipids and membrane remodeling
Convened by T. Levine (U.K.), I. Hapala (Sk)

14. Membrane transport, receptors and sensors
Convened by N. Nelson (Is), H. Sychrová (Cz)

15. Nuclear architecture and transport
Convened by D. S. Goldfarb (U.S.), S. Gasser (Sw)

16. Bioinformatics corner: Tools and databases
Convened by M. Cherry (US)

17. Systems biology and complex regulatory networks
Convened by P. Philippsen (CH), E. Klipp (D), S. Hohmann (S)

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раздел новостей: Конференции Comparative Genomics of Eukaryotic Micro-organisms;  deleted by Vadim Sharov
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ESF/EMBO Symposia: Comparative Genomics of Eukaryotic Micro-organisms,
Eukaryotic Genome Evolution, Approaches with Yeasts and Fungi

Barcelona, November 12-17, 2005

Deadline for application and for abstract submission: 11 July 2005.


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