The Business World is changing. There are no more employees, only free agents. Businesses are not born anymore, they grow from startups to unicorns through crowdfunding or crowdsourcing. And the world of entrepreneurship has been turned upside down by the gig economy. The Business Model Generation handbook is a new type of business manual for this New Age, written by two authors who have spent over ten years researching and redefining the field of Business Modelling."

Interesting statistics:
- "most people in established companies do not need to learn how to model their company"
- "business modelling is about understanding what you want your company's future to be"

As the global economy becomes more and more technologically advanced, traditional models of business are being replaced by new ones. Businesses need to evolve in order to succeed in this changing environment- something that Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur recognise as they seek to provide a different kind of business manual for contemporary times with their New Age guide to Business Model Generation.